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Isah Emarcy – In Support Of Death Penalty For Blasphemy

“Isah Emarcy in support of death penalty for Blasphemy”


People cant stand and watch a man who feeds them and give them money been humiliated. They will go any length to defend and protect him even loosing their lives on the process. And all this for the love of the world.
Now lets relate this to the one who created us, who gave us life, gave us good health, protected us from harm (the ones we know and the ones we don’t) And provided us all the necessities to enjoy life. Don’t you think he deserves our love more than anyone or anything. How is it a crime to protect and defend the name of our one true God from people who have gone astray.

This is hypocrisy, when they talk about the love of God you claim he is the first in your heart and when someone says or do something unacceptable you stay mute. Imagine the thought of your father being insulted by someone, hurts right? Now that’s not even close to blasphemy. For God is greater than everything you can possibly imagine. I am Muslim and my primary goal as taught by my religion is to Love and Worship Allah. And if death penalty is what the sharia law have reserved for people guilty of blasphemy i am in total support of it. Some laws are necessary just so people might abstain from it. THANK YOU

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